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Arts and crafts community in Indianapolis

Hi People, This perennial jewelry-making student/hobbyist has recently
taken a new job which moves me from Atlanta to Indianapolis. It
appears to be a lovely city, but I am having trouble tapping into the
local arts and crafts community. If any of you are familiar with the
area, could you let me know good local places to get supplies, a
variety of classes, etc.?

I’d like to enroll in a Friday night class on silverwork, if one is
available. My wife thinks it will help keep me out of trouble during
my anticipated extended solo existence here. :<)


Doug, I teach on Tuesday night at the Indianapolis Art Center. It’s
at 56th and College in Broadripple. There are other classes but I
don’t think that any are offered on Friday night. This is a great art
center. It has a good ceramic department, glass foundry, wood shop,
steel studio, as well as a painting and drawing wing. Class size is
limited to fourteen and I think that my class is already full but
fall will be here before we really want it to be. Summer classes
start the first week of June and run for eight weeks. Fall and Spring
classes run for fifteen. Even if you don’t sign up for my class, I
always tell visitors to come in and look around. Try not to visit on
the first couple of weeks. It’s a busy time for instructors. If you
want more e-mail me off line.

Marilyn Smith

The Indianapolis Art Center has classes. It is located at 820 East
67 Street, Indianapolis Indiana. 317 255-2464. The website is

We also have the Indiana Bead Society which meets the third
Wednesday of each month at the Speedway United Methodist Church at 7
p.m. The website is:

Welcome to Indianapolis.

Mary Thelzeda Moore