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Artistic Feelings - Copyrighting

A. Austin’s recent post on this subject mentioned Copyrighting your
work. I wanted to share my experience in this direction. I submitted a
Copyright application last spring for my Crochet Necklace Series. Using
the VA (visual arts) short form it takes only minutes to complete the
paperwork, the instructions are simple and easy to follow for
preparing the packet and its contents. The filing fee is only $30 and
covers group of works, if they are submitted collectively. All of the
necessary can be found at I
filed my application in April fully expecting a year to pass before I
heard anything back, I was surprised to receive my Certificate of
Registration in the mail this past week. It took less than seven
months. The feeling of knowing my creations are completely protected
under the US Copyright Law is entirely satisfying. I highly recommend
this process to everyone.

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist Michael Sturlin
Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA