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Artistic feeling

I have been a professional designer for 25 years. Designing
identities and products for large corporations and governments
recently I have turned to jewelry to rediscover simple joy of
creating and sharing my work with patrons and friends.

I my experience there is no such thing as a completely original idea.
We are all deeply indebted to the individuals and cultures that make
us who we are. To worry about people stealing our designs is small
hearted. In doing so we contract within ourselves become small minded
and mean.

Here in Thailand and also around the planet large corporations have
been gathering up genetic materials from agricultural species that
have been developed by communities over perhaps a thousand years and
copyrighting the environmentally successful and marketable strains.
I believe the same concept of ownership is being applied by the
cultural community especially in the western world. Those who have
the resources to claim ownership of a particular form or process do
so sometimes only because they were the first to have the necessary
mind frame and resources to do so.

I have worked with artist in Asia who have come from a very long line
of masters. Each new apprentice must undertake many years of training
learning the cultural forms that have been develop over perhaps a
thousand years. Once they become competent in a particular discipline
and if they have the necessary ability they contribute something
unique and innovative to the tradition. This is their very small way
of repaying a great debt to the community that afforded them the
opportunity to be able to give in the first place.

Perhaps this concept of community debt is very foreign to modern
western thinking but I think if we look not to far back in our own
respective cultural traditions we can find the same operative values,
something that is perhaps lacking in our attitude towards work and
each other.

Excuse me if I sound like I am preaching Cheers Pat

Hi Pat, Thanks for the great, really big thoughts on creativity.
Truly inspirational. Being breed from a long line of entrepeneurs
specializing in one-offs and self motivated quests, I’m envious of the
cultural depth that I’ve never been able to connect with.


T.Lee, Your work is wonderful, imaginative, well executed. You stand
shoulder to shoulder with all the rest of the wonderfully sensitive
Artists on this wonderful list.

Thank you for the chance to browse your Gallery. Teresa

Regarding response from ive

I have been teaching producing Jewelry in Thailand for about 10 years
and exporting to Northern Europe, Japan, Scandinavia and recently the
US. In my experience as a manufacturer and designer in Asia it is not
the Asian manufactures which initiate the copyright infringements
which you broadly refer to but rather western business people looking
for a cheaper source of manufacturing.

Almost every week I have a wholesaler from the U.S.A or Europe walk
into our studio with the latest brochure or extensive clippings from
magazines asking us to reproduce them. I have associates in the
furniture and home accessories business and it is the same situation.
We do not take this type of business because it is not interesting,
but many manufactures who need the money will.

We are often �copied� but so what! We just keep on going and
creating in these type of experiences you learn a lot about yourself,
your motivations and insecurities.