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Artist registration sites

Hi All,

Recently I have been contacted by two sites that say they register
artists work:

Avisen-avk Art Gallery

Art Design on Line

I imagine many of our artists on Orchid have been contacted. What is
the word on them?

Lee Epperson

Hello Lee, the Art and Design Online website has an attractive
format and I think it can indeed be a good venue to showcase your
work online. The free listing includes a portfolio of 4 images, bio,
artist statement, links to locations, announcements of events, and a
link to your website and email.

Here is a sample link using the listing I have entered there: be
sure to take a look through the various menu selections on the left
side of the page.

Password protected URL removed

It takes a bit of time to enter the and perhaps many of
the artists never get around to filling out their page, but I
definitely feel it is worthwhile to do so. My only critique of their
website is that the search function is a bit cumbersome and can be
slow to load due to containing so many images. But, all in all I
think it is a great resource.

Michael David Sturlin