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[Artist Invite] Couture Awards Show, NYC

Just throwing this out there for all fellow orchidians…

I will be traveling out to NYC to attend the Coture Awards Show. I
was fortunate enough to be invited, so Ill be participating in the
show/sale with my work on saturday. To be completely honest, im
pretty freaked out to be in the company of all the fine jewelers that
are going to be there. Not to mention this is gonna be my first time
in NYC to boot!!

It would be great to meet some of the NE Orchidians at the show…It
$10 to get in, but if you sign up on their mailing list, its free

All can be found on their site -

Hope to see you there!

PS: We will also be playing tourist, let me know if there is a
must do thing while out there…Ive already got the
hot-dog-from-a-street-vendor on the list. :wink:

The show is directly across the street from the Metropolitan Museum
of Art and Central Park. Don’t miss it! MOMA is great. I haven’t done
it yet but understand that the Circleline tour buses are a great way
to see the city from the top deck but bundle up it’s cold. Chinatown
is interesting but explore it away from Canal Street. The village is
cool, SOHO is about shopping mostly so you could skip that. Enjoy!

Britt Anderson

Hi Pat

First of all, Congratulations!

As a fellow New Mexican who lives a fairly rural area; New York City
can be intimidating. I do shows in NYC regularly. I’ve found New
Yorkers to be very friendly and helpful.

You work will stand the test among the jewelers who are
participating. Assume your personna of the fabulous jeweler Pat
Pruitt; leave the Pat Pruitt your friends know and love in New

Do not invite fellow Orchidians to this event. It’s not a social
occasion. You’re there to sell your work. Be professional and keep
your focus. And good luck.


Hey Pat congratulations to a fellow New Mexico jeweler; I’m sure
you’ll do great, I wanted to make a few suggestions on stuff to do;
you should go to the Virgin record store in Times square they have
stuff you can’t get anywhere else and they have listening stations
everywhere so you can preview it. also you will see all of the time
square scenery and hooplah. MOMA is really cool and you can see alot
of those famous pictures that we only see in books like the melting
clocks by Salvadore Dali. The sex museum is pretty cool, “Hey were
all adults here”. If you are around on a monday night the electric
guitar inventor-legend, Les Paul plays at a little club called the
irridium jazz club ( every monday night) he’s getting old but you can
see a legend. And if you get to little Italy go to Vincents clam bar
order the fried shrimp with the" spicy" sauce and they will ask you
if your sure you want the spicy sauce you can say in NM we only eat
spicy sauce. Also in times square you can get a double decker bus
tour of the entire city, might be alittle cold though.

Have a good time I know you will and let us know what happens…