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Artist/Crafter Insurance and Security Tips


Good morning folks. I am looking for affordable studio insurance and
was hoping ya’ll could share your experience with insurance and
recommend some carriers. My studio is outside my home and has an
alarm system. My landlord is now requiring that I have it. The torch
and pickle scare everyone it seems. I don’t have a problem with this,
(safety is always at the top of my list), but I just need to get a
good policy at the best rate possible. The only quote I have gotten
so far is for $675.00 for a year. Which seems kind of high. Would
you agree?

I also plan to start exhibiting at craft shows and doing trunk
shows. Do I need liability or other insurance for my booth too?
Someone suggested I carry a rider on my home policy if I have a
Holiday sale or Home Show in my home.

On another but related note: Does anyone have any tips on the
purchase of a good safe or other security tips. I want to keep the
costs down and make everything as simple as possible. Perhaps I
should just hide all the goodies in the rafters like an old timer
hiding his whiskey in the floorboards of a barn. LOL. I have read
with interest everyone’s posts on security at shows while traveling.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks to everyone. You’re the best.

Bruce Raper (on a cold, misty but beautiful morning in Georgia)


Hi Bruce, I’d like to hear some answers to your question as well, as
I’m new in the business. I’m trying to shop around for insurance,
but I’m finding it difficult to find My shop is out in
my detached garage. I got a quote from one agent for a craftsmen’s
policy for a whopping $1,400 a year, after I install an alarm
system. This is for 5% custom work and 95% repair work… Your $675
quote sounds pretty good to me…

Jim Shepherd