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Artist Contract advice

To any and all, especially David Geller, Any advise or advisor
appreciated here! Please send to me offline,

BUT also c.c. (carbon copy to Orchid forum for others) A sculptor has
ask me to make jewelry items of his popular nationally known
sculptures, of course in a wearable size, (grin) and in gold and
precious stones. I will sell in my retail store/studio.

I will recreate item in miniature,cast,finish/etc. I will also
modify for wearability and re-design some as well, coming up with
new ideas for jewelry applications. I would like some advise on what
percentage he, the original design artist, should receive.

Would 40% of profits be proper, after all expenses? What if other
galleries etc. should want to sell them also? (he is represented in
many galleries) What kind of clauses should be put into contract to
concerning this. And what should I look out for in contract?

Thank you friends, fellow artist and Orchidians

Thomas Blair CBJ
Island Gold Works
Hilton Head SC

Jewelers of America Certified Bench Jeweler