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Artificial light and introduction

Tube lighting will turn your pictures a green blue and
incandescent will turn them a muddy brown. Neither of these are
in the right color spectrum.

You can purchase color corrected bulbs in either tube or
incandescent bulb. What you want is DAYLIGHT color. These are
sold as such, DAYLIGHT. The kelvin (I believe) is in the proper
spectrum for a camera. The incandescent bulbs seem to be better
corrected than the tube type and are less expensive, but you may
have to shop around to get a decent price. A good camera shop
should be able to help, but if you can find them elsewhere,
you’ll probably save $. They are also refered to as color
corrected bulbs. The daylight signifies matching the color
(somewhat) that the sun gives us.( and I guess that would depend
on the time of year:-)

John Golebiewski
Portland Oregon
503 231 8828

Introduction: Hi all. I have been engaged in various forms of jewelry
making for about 20 years. Have many other interests varying from
mechanical/electrical, to photography & 2 demensional art. I hope to
have fun on this list teaching and learning.

john g