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Article in Metalsmith about gold

Hi Everyone, I was lucky enough to attend the Ganoksin Affair held
at Metalwerx in Mass a few weekend ago. I enjoy meeting all of you.
When I was there, I pick up a copy of Metalsmith and was highly
dismayed on the article about gold mining. At the same time, I am
thankful to the author of the article, Susan Kingsley, for educating
me. I am a novice jeweler, a hobbyist really, and I can’t be using
materials that are damaging the planet or misusing people. How can I
find out about the effects of silver mining and of fair wages for
those involved in producing silver? This also extends to the use of
stones for me, I know so many of them come from other countries and
I want to know that fair and healthy practices are being conducted.
Can anyone address this topic? Thank you all so much, Cherie Morris.