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[Article] Basic Fire Safety Hints for Jewelers

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Basic Fire Safety Hints for Jewelers
by: Charles Lewton-Brain

Have a fire plan; ask your fire department for advice. Keep the
appropriate extinguishers around and in good shape. Get ABC
all-purpose extinguishers. Get the manufacturers manual and read all
the instructions carefully at least three times. Review your fire
safety now and then. Make sure you know how to use an extinguisher
properly, sweeping back and forth at the base of the fire from 6-10
feet away. Realize that your extinguisher will only work for 15-20
seconds, so have more than one around. Mount them near exits. Dry
chemical extinguishers of the stored pressure kind need to be
discharged and recharged every six years. All kinds of extinguishers
need hydrostatic testing every twelve years or before if they appear
corroded. Fire extinguishers should be inspected monthly and be
checked out seriously once a year (Doug Scale, HSC list, 6/28/99).
Some extinguishers need upending and a gentle shaking now and then
to keep the contents from packing down and being less helpful in a
fire. Talk to your fire department. Let’s say that again: talk to
your fire department-have them come and advise you. Here are some
points to consider:

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