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[Article] 11 Jewelry Marketing Mistakes

From our archives…

11 Jewelry Marketing Mistakes
by: Stefan Hencke

While firms in the US have busied themselves for decades with
marketing goals and tasks, the topic was first taken up in Germany
when the retail market that was present immediately after 1945
gradually transformed into a buyer market. These attitudes and ways
of thinking were not absorbed into design until the 1990s. There
are, however, substantial deficits in practical implementation,
precisely in the field of design marketing…

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Problems and mistakes in unsuccessful introductions of jewelry
1. design not current
2. trends not taken into account
3. colors not acceptable to consumer
4. ethnic particularities not taken into account
5. mistaken choice of timing for introduction
6. insufficient distribution policy
7. introductory advertising too early or too late
8. product not fully developed
9. insufficient planning
10. incorrect product prices
11. insufficient customer service

Thanks for the reference. I copied and pasted the above list in
hopes of improving my decisions. I love designing around the
individual stones, but would like to be able to sell enough to
continue investing in stones and metal!

Great reference list. Thanks for posting this.