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Art shows in Idaho

Hello All, I’m thinking about doing some art shows in Idaho and was
checking to see if anyone had any experiences in that area. Any help
is appreciated. Thanks much, Scott

Scott Verson
Metal & Stone Design

The three areas that might be the best prospects are Boise, Coure
DeAlene, and Sand point. CdA has a Triathalon every year that brings
in loads of people from all over. Sand Point has an annual Music
festival that all so brings in a lot of people from around the area.
Boise I’m not too sure of annual events but I’m sure that as the
state capital they have something. On the eastern side of the state
probably around Pocatello are as that is the center of activity in
that part of the state. Hope this helps.jack from chattaroy, where
the weather cannot decide if it is still winter or if it is spring.
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