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Art nouveau pictures

hi Is there any possibility of getting some art nouveau craft
pictures sent to me at @soulofwood, I want as many as you
care to give, of course, I’d rather get color pictures in the
mail.(joking) Please england, italy, france, romania, belgium, spain,
denmark, etc., u.s.,love it all, websites too if you know any, i
can only find excellent pics and closeups of sullivans work, can’t
find all the furniture and metal objects from europe anywhere. i
think that some kind of translation thing on my computer might help,
because there seems to be many from europe, many thanks to the
gorham silver company though!! yes all my stuff is based around
organic, abstract themes, i guess,got no web yet, but do have alot
of jpegs, got any pics of your sculptures, collaboration was one of
the mainstays of art nouveau,gaudi did not do those incredulous
works of art-chitecture by himself, or sullivan,horta, they had
their tilers, glass people, their casters and moldmakers,
silversmiths,blacksmiths, draftsman/embellisher/designers, well i
guess they all were embellisher/ designers. Must have been something
else! dp

galle, majorelle,otto eckmann, gaillard,peter behrens, is the loie
fuller performance on tape in the world/ dancer/ paris, inspiration
of much design, Maria and joseph olbrich

 Is there any possibility of getting some art nouveau craft
pictures sent to me

Try going to click on the IMAGE tab and search
for Art Nouveau jewelry or any other Art Nouveau category you are
interested in. Many pages of jpegs with great links come up. It’s an
awesome resource for image research. HTH Kate Wolf in Portland, Maine