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Art jewellery, the dark side



Just made my first piece of “[F] Art Jewellery” Does it tick all the
boxes, yes.

It looks stupid.

It is unwearable.

Any fool could have made it.

It is over priced.

I am kidding myself, absolutely.

So all you master crafts people you are kidding your selves, you are
only selling to the intelligent and sophisticated.

I am aiming for morons with too much money. Just read “The Wolf of
Wall Street”

What did I do? I have a plastic box sitting in a plastic sink. I
have water in the box and quench my silver in it. It has a hinged lid.
I dropped a piece of silver into the box and thought that does not
sound right. Had a look and lo and behold the lid was closed and the
metal bounced off an into the sink.

The piece of silver is now firmly melted into the plastic sink. Not
to despair I thought now I am an [F] Art jeweller LOL.

Problem is I need a good title for the piece. My wife’s “You did
what?” followed by a death stare or the daughter’s “You really can be
and idiot, Dad.” Don’t seem to have the panache/ idiocy for [F] Art

So anyone out there have a spare moron with too much money, I can
cut the piece out of the sink in any shape required or ship whole. Set
in any material required. Price? Far more than it is worth.

Point of all this, don’t let you attention wander or you too could
end up making [F]Art Jewellery.

Richard in all un-seriousness.


Let’s see a picture! :slight_smile:

Noel Yovovich


If the sink doesn’t leak I would just leave it there polish it and
tell your wife it adds character and you will add some more later.
Fine art takes time


Richard - I am wondering if you should try comedy writing :-o I was
highly entertained by your tale.

Andrea Krause


Richard thanks for the account of the creation of your art piece. I
just had a good laugh at a time that I needed it. I had just botched
some soldering that I was doing, and melted the metal into a
glob—well not a glob, but an art object. Alma


This really gave me some entertainment!


I agree with Shannon you just upped the value of your home built in
art jewelry



Richard, You are too funny. I can give you the phone numbers of
several major museums in London that would be interested.


How about a picture of your (F) Art piece Richard? Is it a protected
process? Can it be copied?

Esta Jo Schifter
Shifting Metal


Hi all

will try and take a photo tomorrow.