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Art Clay Vs. PMC

How do the prices compare between Art Clay and PMC?

Actually, I think they are about the same if ordering in small
quantities . . . larger quantities, who knows . . . I’ve heard that
the Art Clay promotors are more willing to “deal” than Rio Grande

Here’s what I found regarding prices for PMC vs. ArtClay

At TSI in Seattle their ArtClay Price is:
	20 gram package $35.25
	50 gram package $84.95

At Rio Grande their PMC price is:
	1 oz package $29.50
	1/2 oz package $14.95

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I just weighed a raw package (1 oz) of PMC . . . my scale shows it to
be 40.6 grams ($29.50 IF ordered by the OZ . . . more ounces allow a
lower price) This same package weighed 1.305 ozt. or 1.435 oz.

So, if my scale is correct, 20 grams is about a half ounce, right?

So, if my scale is correct, 20 grams is about a half ounce, right?

No! (G’day) an Imperial or avoirdupois ounce is 28 grams A Troy ounce
(used for bullion and jewellery) is 31 grams. a gram is a gram is a
gram. Is 1 cubic centimetre (as near as matters) of pure water at 20C
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ

I just checked it out with Quattro Pro

Assuming the Rio prices for PMC are quoted for ounces avoirdupois,
quoted cost of PMC at Rio of $28.95 per oz corresponds to $1.041 per
gram, while the half oz pkg. at $14.95 works out to $1.055 per g.

At $35.25 per 20 g. pkg., the Art Clay works out to $1.763 per g.,
while the 50 g pkg. at $84.95 is $1.70 per g.

But if the units are in Troy ounces the Rio price for PMC price is a
bit lower, because there are 31.1035 g per Troy ounce, but only 28.345
per avoirdupois ounce. In that case, the price quoted for Rio is $0.95
per oz in the 1 oz pkg., or $0.96 in the half ounce pkg.

But if the cost of Art Clay quoted by Kathie Bishop is accurate, the
picture changes dramatically. At $27 for 20 grams, the Art Clay costs
$1.35 per gram, while the larger pkg. of 50 grams at $65.20
corresponds to about $1.30 per g.

A better comparison of costs should be based on the silver content of
each product, in pennyweights per gram or some such.

Useful about weights and measures is found at:

Dian Deevey

What is the difference in the materials? I understand that they are
not the same. Is price the only factor?


I want to pass along something I just learned-- Rio has a new policy
about discounts for instructors. If you can document that you have an
upcoming class, they will give you a “one-better” price break on
anything except raw materials. And, if you teach PMC, as I do, you can
get it at the best price ($19.95/oz.) regardless of quantity. This is
called PMC Rewards Program. I am thrilled with the savings! Hope a
bunch of you can use this! --Noel

One has to be a CERTIFIED instructor to receive the PMC Rewards
Program, I am not sure it applies to ANY instructor.

This is not necessarily so, as I am not certified (I wrote the posting
about the discounts from Rio). I arranged a “one-better” deal with
them before they even had the certification program, so maybe I’ve
been “grandfathered” in, or maybe they slipped up… What they told me
was that you need to be able to prove you had a class or workshop
coming up, but then they didn’t actually make me do that either. Go
figure. --Noel

CeCe, what is the cost for the PMC certification? I did one quickie
class in Anaheim but I know there is alot to learn and might be
interested in the certification program. Thnaks, karen