Art Clay Silver vs. PMC

I just realized, with all the back and forth about the cost of Art
Clay Silver vs. PMC, that I left out what I think is actually the most
important difference.

Art Clay Silver is fired at 1600F for only 10 minutes! There are
ways to fire it for a longer period if you want to keep the
temperature down about 1450F but, I don’t see the benefit. Your time
and the electricity savings bring down the cost considerably.

I have a page of Frequently Asked Questions about Art Clay Silver on
my website:

The new PMC plus is also fired for a very short time 10 or 15
minutes, you have various choices. See complete info. in a recent
issue of Studio PMC on They told us in class that
the electricity for the kiln was not significant. The teacher gave
us the cents per minute to run it and it was pennies.

Northern Illinois, USA