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Art and craft fair listings

I’m trying to evaluate what shows to look at for next year.

I’m aware of the Art Fair Sourcebook, and the lists from Sunshine
Artist magazine. What other rating and index services are there for
juried art show? Isn’t there something from somebody named Harris?
Google didn’t bring it up for me.

Who or what do you use for evaluating shows out of your area?

Many thanks,
Judy Hoch

Art Fair Source Book is the gold standard. No need to look further.


Some of the Sunshine Artist is outdated.? I suggest that
you visit the shows in your area - that’s really the only way to
find out what is really happening (or not).? The only other way is
to ask artists who do shows you want to do.? You can generally find
artist’s names listed on the show sites.

Boston Mills - Ohio was down this year for many, who knows what next
year will bring.

Judy: First of all use these lists as a starting point only. Some of
the best shows I’ve done appear on these lists but I have also do
some of the worst. The list you are talking about is called the
Harris List. I got an e-mail recently and I think there is a web site
but I can’t remember for sure. Trial and error and talking to other
artists all help. My feeling about these lists is for the big shows
they may be pretty accurate but for the smaller shows that are little
hidden gems you are on your own. The idea that when people find a
little known show they are going to all notify source book and say
hurray it’s a great show every one apply so I can never get in again.
doesn’t happen.

Good luck Dave Owen

I am going to add that for finer arts & crafts the Sunshine Artist
can be way off.

One year I was accepted to a show listed in the top 3 that said it
included fine art.

It was a 4 day show, I was next to the “wooden puzzle guy” and did
$1200. The photographer and painter near me considered me to be the
big winner of the weekend.

Karen, who goes with the sourcebook and word of mouth