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Hi Marshall,

Argotect is supplied in australia by Johnson Mathey. I use it
for all my soldering. Even though the tech info says you can’t
use hard and medium solder with it! It does “fume off” when
heated so you should have reasonable ventilation. The label says
it contains fluoroborates. reagrding firescale, I find it works
better than nothing. ie not perfect, but helpful! It is a fairly
thick white cream paste. best wishes

felicity in sunny west Oz

Hi marshall,

Johnson Matthey are precious metal refiners and sellers of
precious metals as well as fluxes etc. They have branches in
Australia and england. Dont know about USA I purchase my
argotect from my local Perth Western Australia branch. The
address is 244 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Western Australia 6008 Fax
0011-61 8 93816657. Current cost is Aus$ 12.50 for 250grsm If you
buy a box of 20 it is approx Aus$5.70 per 250 grms. Best wishes
felicity in grey west oz