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Argentium's working properties

Jeff, what are Argentium’s working properties – malleability, work
hardening, etc.


You’ll find all the technical on Argentium heRe:

Jeff Herman


Jeff, what are Argentium's working properties -- malleability,
work hardening, etc. 

There are FAR better people here to answer your questions. I’ve only
used it a couple of times when I needed silver I could heat harden.
All I can say from my limited experience is that it is a lot like
regular sterling but with different properties and working
techniques. Nice stuff, well worth buying a few ounces and playing.

For starters look at

Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modelling & Goldsmithing

There is a new site for Argentium Silver:


I do quite a lot of work in multi metal pieces that include silver.
Argentium silver sounds very nice, in that the germanium stops fire
stain and tarnishing.

But in a multi metal piece, say of wood, titanium and silver, if the
argentium silver does become tarnished, ( it does tarnish
eventually, I assume?) would that require re-heating to bring up the
tarnish proof layer? Or would one simply polish the piece and then
the argentium silver develops the anti tarnish layer that it has?



No the tarnishing is VERY, VERY slow and just a polishing cloth will
do fine. When the tarnish starts it is just a tinge of yellowish,
much like fine silver tarnishes. S L O W L Y

Argentium is truly beautiful material.