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I have not worked with argentium very much, but was wondering if I need to use solder to bond two ends of argentium wire together. Thank you in advance for your advice!


Hi Erin,

You should be able to fuse the ends, no solder required.

Cynthia Eid has written a comprehensive paper published by Rio, which is available for download in her website,

Have fun!

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That you so much, Pam!

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Hello Erin,
Love Argentium (AS)! I second the information from Cynthia Eid - she knows. When I fuse AS, it’s important to have good contact between the metal surfaces. If you encounter problems, do use with some FLUX. I have fused fine silver, but AS is more satisfactory for fusing.
Judy in Kansas, where some rain should start falling any minute. Hope the soy beans have been harvested!

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