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Argentium Sterling Silver - enamel


I am writing an article about Argentium Sterling Silver for SNAG
News. Has anyone tried enameling on it? If so, I’d love to hear
about the results.

For anyone interested in trying it, I suggest that one first make
sure that there is a good surface of tarnish-resistant germanium
oxide on the surface. At this experimental stage, my suggestion for a
preparatory procedure would be this:

Heat at 250 degrees F for 10 minutes (kitchen oven would be fine)
If there is no discoloration, the metal is ready to enamel.
If there is discoloration, pickle, and re-heat.

This probably would do the trick, but, if not, repeat the process.

Also, I lost track of Orchid for a few days, so I am not sure whether
anyone posted that Hoover and Strong has 26 gauge Argentium Sterling
wire (Stuller may have it by now, as well)…I remember that someone
was looking for it.

I’d love to see and hear about any enamel on Argentium Sterling