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Argentium Sterling is like partaking of fine wine


“Working with Argentium Sterling is like partaking of fine wine as
opposed to the Boones Farm of standard sterling,” said one student
at last weekend’s PA workshop about becoming comfortable working with
Argentium Sterling Silver. (The workshop was outside Philadelphia,
sponsored by the Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths.) I was pleased
and impressed that in a group whose experience ranged from a year
and half of metalsmithing to over 20 years, EVERYONE successfully
soldered and fused Argentium Sterling Silver, and each person made
at least two pieces of jewelry. Several people commented that they’d
been doubtful that they would like working with the metal, because
of all the “do and don’t” things they’d heard, and they were
pleasantly surprised to find that it really is not difficult to work
with, and truly not so different to work with. We tend to primarily
hear about and write about problems, difficulties, and complaints. I
am a person who likes to emphasize positives, so I want to share this

Cynthia Eid