Argentium solder with traditional sterling

One more question… thanks for your patience. I find that I’m using
Argentium mill products most of the time, but still have an inventory
of traditional sterling mill products. It’s not really a problem, and
I’ll use it up over time on selected projects. However, I am almost
out of traditional silver solder and don’t want to reorder. Am I
setting myself up for any troubles by using Argentium solder on
traditional sterling silver?

Thanks for your help,

Hello Jamie,

Not a problem to use AS solders on standard sterling. I have been
using Argentium solders exclusively since I first got them. Since
they don’t tarnish, the color match stays true, plus they flow quite

I just got the new Rio findings catalog and am excited to see more
and more made in AS! Chains, leverbacks, beads, and earwires to
mention a few. Thanks Rio.

Judy in Kansas, where another good shower will boost the humidity!
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