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Argentium price

Hi All. This quote from Cynthia Eid in another thread got me

“Yes, AS costs more than SS. When SS was $10/ounce, AS was about
$11. When SS is $30 or more per ounce, AS is several dollars more
per ounce.”

So did germanium prices spike at the same time? Did the cost of
fabrication jump too? Was the 10% premium continued in order to
maintain an image? Did the marketing department just see a windfall
profit opportunity?

Things that make you go hmmm…


Hello Allan,

With regard to your questions about the cost of germanium, for most
of 2010 the germanium price was stable at US$911 per kg; in November
2010 the germanium price started to rise it has been trading between
US$1450-1680 per kg throughout 2011.

Charles Allenden
Argentium International