Argentium or Trusilver

OK. So I just got my JCK issue yesterday and flipping through it I
noticed a Hoover & Strong ad for TruSilver. I called H&S to ask them
a) how does it rate in tarnish resistance compared to Argentium
silver (they say it’s 4-5x more tarnish resistant than regular
silver) and b) how white is it in comparison to AS? Couldn’t get
answers to my questions but they are sending me an 18ga round wire

So Orchidians - anyone else out there using this stuff? I am NOT
casting with it - fab only for right now. Does it take heat well? How
white is it in comparison to AS or Sterlium (which at $50/oz for fab
materials is ridiculously expensive). How tarnish resistant is it to
AS / Sterlium, etc.

Just the lowdown please!


great questions looking forward to responses


I just placed an order for Argentium through Hoover and Strong and
was asked if I had received a sample of the Tru-Silver which I have.
The reason I was still ordering Argentium is that Argentium has a
market recognition that Tru-Silver doesn’t. On the one hand it
matters little to most clients what type of silver I use but on the
other, if they do ask or I am using the name Argentium to fill them
in on my process they often have heard of it or will run into it
soon ( if they are interested in silver jewelry). This was the reason
I had such trouble with the platinum/sterling alloy which I enjoyed
using but the product had no name recognition and my stumbling
explanation as to why a client should choose this material which was
priced like 14K gold was awkward. I just gave the plat/sterling up
completely when Argentium came out since it was much more price
appropriate and was seeking to make a name for itself in the market.
I explained this to the Hoover and Strong rep. I was talking to and
she was interested in what I had to say.

Sam Patania, Tucson