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Argentium jump rings not fusing


I am just now getting into the world of jewelry making. I have never
fused anything before but have soldered jump rings together. I
purchased some argentium jump rings from G&S Metals
( but am having trouble fusing them.

I’ve used a standard creme brulee torch and a BernzOMatic micro
torch ( with no success. The material never
melts or flows no matter how much I heat it, though it turns an
unattractive color.

What do you think the problem is here? Wrong torch or torching
technique? Could the rings be not actually argentium
(, though all the packaging indicates

Thanks, I really appreciate the help.

Kent Wang

Kent -

I’ve used a micro torch successfully on Argentium, though I wouldn’t
want to do it for lots of jump rings…but if you don’t have any
other torch, then that should do. What gauge metal are you using? I
used mine on 22g. The 20g was just too time-consuming, so I went to
my acetylene torch. I’m going to guess anything thicker than 20g
isn’t practical with a small torch.

Are you using a charcoal block? If so, that could account for where
all your heat is going, and the ugly results on the metal.

If you are not on charcoal, and if you really do have Argentium,
then I’m stumped. With a small torch like you have, I’m not sure what
other test you can give the metal.


Hi Kent,

Make sure that:

  • the metal is very clean—ultrasonic, and/or soak in alcohol and
    rinse well

  • there is metal to metal contact at the joint

  • use flux

  • use a heat-reflective soldering board that won’t take away all the
    heat from the jump ring, such as a solderite board

I hope this helps!
Cynthia Eid

I started out doing jewelry using all the cheapo torches. Plumbers
torches which this pretty much is I believe, The delux bic lighters
that call themselves torches etc. The day I finally forked out the
hundred bucks for a Smith Acetelyne torch changed my life. If you are
halfway serious about making jewelry get rid of that thing and get a
torch that will work. It’s not really that much of an investment and
I guarantee in the first month you will pay for it in time and
frustration saved. One more note you don’t really need a duel
regulator oxy/ acet. or oxy/ propane just a simple 1 regulator that
uses acetelyne and air. They are easy to use fairly cheap and will
last for a long time. Mine is 15 years old and just getting in need
of replacement.

Dave Owen