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Argentium Hard Solder

So I have seen on some of my Facebook pages that we would no longer be able to buy hard Argentium solder. I kind of ignored those posts thinking that wouldn’t happen. I just looked on Rio and they do not offer hard Argentium solder in sheet or wire. Does anyone know why? I prefer to use hard whenever I can. Also, does any one know another source for hard Argentium solder? Thanks much.

I found this:

I no longer work in silver for different reasons, but when I did it was Argentium. Over the years companies got rid of a lot of their Argentium items. Don’t be surprised if you have more trouble in the future finding things.

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I don’t know why so many are obsessed with hard solder! I’m sure that they no longer make hard since most people that use Argentium fuse rather than solder. I don’t know about Argentium but with traditional sterling hard is not the strongest. It is the best color match. If one has joints that will be visible by all means use hard! If the joints are not visible or if the pieces will be oxidized drop down to medium then easy for multiple soldering.
Teach yourself to fuse - I’m sure that there are YouTube tutorials. Good luck!

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