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Argentium Fusing on Solderite

Any help would be greatly appreciated:

I run a small handcrafted chain company and use solderite board for fusing argentium jump rings. I mass fuse half the jump rings, connect into a chain, and fuse the remaining jump rings (as I’m sure is standard across people who make argentium chain by hand)

My problem comes during the mass fusing of half the jump rings on solderite. since solderite flakes and carries an uneven surface jumprings often come out scarred and irregularly shaped on the down side. If anyone has any suggestions for fixing this at the source (i.e. using a different type of material other than solderite, not laying them flat on the surface for fusing etc.) I know that heating less so the metal doesn’t ‘melt’ and show the imperfections of the board underneath works but this often leads to an incomplete fuse/fragile join.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on removing the marring from the metal. I currently use mass finishing techniques with abrasive plastic media in a vib tumbler, this helps marginally but doesnt do enough to get ride of it! I’ve attempted to use 600 grit sand paper but this ends up being to abrasive, removes too much material, and flattens out the wire.

Thank you in advance!

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I use compressed charcoal and sometimes Silquar surfaces. I’ve never experienced the effect you describe. If it was me, changing the surface would be my first choice of variables to monkey with.


Look for a Paulette Werger workshop on argentium, especially her chain making workshop. She got me over my fear of argentium and teaches wonderful chain design.

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