Argentium being discontinued?

Hi Folks, My partner Sarah noticed earlier this year that some
Argentium findings and beads were no longer available from Rio
Grande. Now the .935 Pro casting grain is apparently being
discontinued as well. We are both rather upset about this since I
use this alloy exclusively for casting my filigree pieces and she
uses the findings and beads in her pieces. I’ve fallen in love with
Argentium and my pieces are designed with the uniqueproperties of
this alloy in mind, i. e. high tarnish resistance, excellent flow,
heat treatable. My hollow filigree designs just wouldn’t work well
intraditional sterling. The original Argentium alloy is OK but I’ve
had muchbetter success in casting with the .935 Pro alloy. So what to
do? I’m hoping that if enough of us ask Rio Grande very nicely they
will keep this alloy in stock. When you develop a relationship with
a particular alloy it’s like a dependable old friend. Let’s hope they
keep it available for us. Douglas @ Eclipse Designs in Sitka, Alaska

My understanding is that the 935 casting grain is the one being
closed out. The 935 Pro is staying. I like the 935 Pro, but do not
buy it from Rio Grande. There are other suppliers if you need to get


Hi Dug,

Is it possible to use the .925 alloy and just bring it up to .935
alloy by adding fine silver casting grain. I simply cast in standard
.925 silver copper alloy since Argentum is not available in
Australia. However I don’t buy .925 casting grain but rather fine
silver and add copper to my melt to bring back the silver content to
.925 (or a little above). I usually make the new alloy richer in
silver if I am also adding scrap to the melt.

All the best
Jenifer Gow

Hi Dug,

935 Argentium Pro casting grain is still stocked and sold here at Rio
Grande! After consulting with peter Johns, we did decide to stop
stocking the original 935 Argentium casting grain, because the PRO
version is an improved formula.

The item number for 935 Argentium PRO sterling silver casting grain
is #103-636.

Best Wishes,
Kevin Whitmore
Rio Grande

I too rely heavily on Argentium Sterling for my jewelry work,
although I use sheet and wire instead of casting material. I noticed
that the Argentium Guild has not written quarterly newsletters in
quite a while and I wonder if the problem is larger than just Rio
Grande’s inventory. Does anyone know what is happening?

Mary Partlan,

I simply cast in standard .925 silver copper alloy since Argentum
is not available in Australia. 

I believe A&E will have it :slight_smile: CIA

Hi All,

Just want to let everyone know that Rio Grande is still maintaining a
full line of Argentium Findings and are continuing to grow and
support this product category. We have trimmed some product that was
not selling. If you find something we have trimmed from the line that
you still need please let usknow and we will do what we can to help.

Dawn Nials
Findings Product Manager
Rio Grande - A Berkshire Hathaway Company

Argentium Silver not being discontinued.

Also, it will be available in Australia from A & E Metals— very
soon! I am pleased and proud to be able to say that this is — to a
large extent— due to the workshop that I taught in February 2014
at the Sydney Jewellery School.

Cynthia Eid

Hello, to introduce myself I am Clare Felgate and I work for
Argentium International. I would like to ease any concerns regarding
Rio Grande’s decision to proceed with the Argentium 935 Pro casting
grain in favour over the Argentium 935 Original grain. As Kevin
Whitmore from Rio has also explained, while it is possible to cast
using the Argentium 935 Original grain, this alloy is best suited to
sheet and wire product applications, whereas the Argentium 935 Pro
grain has been specifically formulated to suit casting applications.

To answer Mary’s concerns regarding the Argentium Guild, on behalf of
Argentium I am delighted to announce that Argentium International has
been taken over by new owners, Allied Gold. During the take over
period we are very sorry that Guild activity has been quiet, but now
that the take over is complete we look forward to offering our Guild
members the support and service that will help open opportunities
and bring our community of Argentium users together with sharing of
competitions, promotions and much more! We will be
contacting our members promptly.

With best wishes
Argentium International

And very happy we Aussies are about this too! It can be very hard to
sourcevarious alloys in Australia - would you believe I still can’t
find a local source of ‘red brass’ (CDA #230) or ‘gilding metal’
(CDA #210).

Thanks so much to Cindy for all her hard work on this, and for her
awesome workshops earlier this year. It was a privilege for a rank
beginner such as myself to learn from one of the best!

And thanks to A&E for going forward with supplying Argentium. It’s
an awesome product & I can’t wait to get my mitts on some more :slight_smile:

I Love Argentium and so do my customers.

So thank you for this reassurance