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[Archive Post] Shipping insurance companies

  Does anyone have info. on independent insurance of items shipped
via UPS, FedEx., etc.? 

Hi Andy, I don’t know if this is exactly what you’re looking for but
this service has been recommended to me: Since I haven’t checked them out yet,
I don’t know if they’re any cheaper than UPS but there’s a page that
allows you to get a quote. Good luck. It’s a real problem, I know.
What I’ve done myself is to buy an insurance policy that covers my
jewelry while in transit, as well as when I’m at shows. It costs me
$1000 a year (the price is based on the total worth of your
inventory) but provides a lot of peace of mind. It means I don’t
have to worry about insufficient insurance when shipping via FedEx.


 I am done with UPS all together. The last 3 mistakes were not the
only mistakes done. Those were within the last 4 months. If anyone
has any suggestions please let me know. 

Guy, UPS is the worst shipper in the industry. I can’t count the
number of times they have shipped something to 6 other states before
someone that could actually read sent here.

I have come to the conclusion the only requirement to work for UPS
is you have to be a living brain donor.

Try FedEx Ground. We have been using them for several years now and
they are great. We have only had one package mis-routed and when I
called them they immediately went to the truck pulled it off and
over nighted it to our customer at no charge. UPS can’t and won’t do

Oh, and FedEx Ground is less expensive than UPS.

Ken Kotoski MPG Repair 1-877-262-2185

Andy, I use ParcelPro. You ship through FedEx using them as third
party billing. You can ship a 1lb. package valued at $4,000
overnight for $23.80, 2 day for $20.50. The maximum insurance
coverage is $50,000 for a fee of $150.

Thier numbers are 888-683-2600 for west coast sales and 800-825-2719
east coast sales.

Good luck Larry

I use parcel pro at 888-683-2300. They require you ship Fed-ex
overnite but there cost seems reasonable. haven’t lost a piece yet.
Tell them I sent you. Frank Goss

Andy, I receive many packages from gem dealers, Fed Ex, and I am
always surprised that they are not insured. There is a diamond
cutter I use and he recommends sending Fed Ex with no insurance. It
makes me nervous, but I have shipped diamonds to him and received
them back. He has many years of experience to back up his advice. It
is absolutely a risk. If you need to insure and for a large dollar
amount, registered U.S. mail can be used for up $25,000. What I
don,t receive by Fed Ex comes by registered mail. Richard in Denver

Andy, open an account with Parcel Pro: They ship
with FedEx but provide shipping insurance for jewelry and gems.

I learned about it here on Orchid and it’s been great. Pam Chott