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Arc welders

I have the honor of using a buddies laser welder whenever I need it,
unfortunately I have to drive through the worst traffic to get
there. I have been drooling over the new tack welders, especially
since they have been featured in many of the magazines I have read
(Bench and Professional Jeweler). Has anyone here on the forum
actually used one? How do they rate in comparison to a laser? I am
sure they won’t be as versatile as a laser since I haven’t heard
that they can do anything about pits, but I don’t use them for that
anyway. I’m thinking about getting one this winter, either at
Tucson or at the MJSA show if I can wait that long. I’d be
appreciative of any advice or comment that comes my way.

(Anyone near NC have one that I could come see in action?)

You might give steece Hermanson a call. He does demos on the arc
welder. He is located in south Carolina 803-775-1209