Arbe wax injector rough compartment

I just ordered the mini Arbe hand pump wax injector and the inside
of the wax compartment is very rough and caked with greasy sand. It
looks like they never finished it out after casting. There are
crevices in the bottom (i.e., the bottom isn’t a 90 degree angle
cylinder shape but has buckled bumpy lumps with crevices around the
corners) and they are jam packed with sand. I wiped at it with a
towel but it shredded and I used a metal pick to scrape the sand out
of the recessed bumps at the bottom but I still can’t wipe it clean
(it is an unwieldy thing to turn upside down and I don’t have a sink
big enough to upend it in at the studio).

Is this normal? Does anyone have an Arbe wax injector? Did you have
to clean it out upon receipt? Is the canister bottom normally so
bumpy and pocked?

** I just got a response from Arbe Machine. They say it’s normal, to
use a t-shirt rag to clean it out and that the sand burns out clean.
Does it really? I really don’t want to send it back if I don’t
have to (they offered to send me a new pot that the guy who wrote the
email will personally clean out himself). It just seems like the
amount of sand is excessive and the non-uniformity of the canister
bottom extreme and it chaps my hide that I got maybe a funky one
(although I guess fine and functional)

buckled bumpy lumps with crevices around the corners) and they are
jam packed with sand 

Yeah, it’s normal to get bits of hair, bone and teeth in a
cheeseburger. You might get some twigs in your chewing gum. And your
new car probably will need you to buff out the spray paint and sew up
the upholstery. Send it back and buy a wax pot from someone who
knows how to put out quality.

I have the exact model, But i did not experience that which you say,
my injector is about 4 yeas old now, but still it is made here in I
believe NY, so yours needs to be replaced, what you say is not
normal for any wax injector. call the company again, they are very
customer friendly even though they may not take care of the actual
return, but direct you back to the retailer you purchased from. mine
was quite clean in terms of metal and other parts. I personally
exchanged the hand pump with a German bike foot pump it works great,
hands free and air pressure when you need it however much, no
compressor noise,no energy for a compressor,no extra cost for the
pressured air. and you get a little exercise while pulling waxes.
deffinatly look into returning ASAP do not bother cleaning it any
longer and wasting your time. if they offered a new one deffinatly do
it, you might have gotten a funky one.