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Hi, guys! I’m learning to work with an Aqua-Torch, and am having some
trouble, especially since the store has long ago lost whatever
guidebook that came with it. I think the torch is ‘sweet’, but I get
black soot all over my pieces. Sometimes the torch spits & spews
liquid (flux?); and it seems like it has to ‘warm up’ before it
works well. How often should it be cleaned? Change the filer? Any
other suggestions or cautions would be helpful.


Hi Julia, I work for MPG Repair we service these machines all the
time as well as all other equipment. You will need to wear rubber
gloves when working on this machine and be very careful not to get
the solution on you or your clothing.

First you should clean the unit. Empty all the solution and dispose
of it. Don’t reuse it. Then clean the filter and the liquid chamber.
The chamber will get a build up of muck in the bottom and will cause
the machine to stop working properly. You may or may not have this
build up but since you have to give the unit a through cleaning now
you might as well take care of this now.

Once the chamber is cleaned with water (no soap) be sure to replace
the top securely and make sure you have a good even seal. If the
rubber seal is damaged replace it. These machines are great but are
considered to be dangerous if not cared for/serviced properly.

Next replace all your hoses that show wear and/or are stiff. Be sure
to replace any hose clamps that are not any good. When cleaning your
filter (if there is one) use only water. Depending on the type of
filter you may have to soak it for several days to get the dried
solution out of it. Once it is no longer sticky or turning the water
colors blow it out with compressed air. This will help to remove the
water and dry it out.

Clean your handle and tips and MEK unit with water as well. Never
use any soap!

Once everything is clean and dry mix up a new batch of solution and
fill your tank. Be sure not to over fill it. When the unit runs it
will create a foam and if it is overfilled the foam will be forced
into your lines and you will have to clean them and the filter

Before lighting the torch check to see if it is creating pressure.
Don’t hook up anything to the machine first. Plug the outlet on the
front of the unit with your finger and start the unit. If it builds
the correct amount of pressure and holds it you have no leaks.
Otherwise you do and will need to to find and correct it before
moving on.

Once you determined there are no leaks in the main unit connect your
MEK cylinder and again test the unit with the MEK unit attached. If
no leaks attach your hand piece and test. If no leaks you are ready
to light it up.

If you have any problems or need parts we can supply them and answer
your questions. We repair every kind of equipment from every
manufacturer and we have over ten years experience. Our toll free
number is 1-877-262-2185 or email to

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair