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Aqua terra jasper dried out and cracked

A few months ago I bought some Aqua Terra Jasper large pillow shaped
beads and cabs because I fell in love with the color and veining.
I’ve since found out that Aqua Terra Jasper is just another name for
Soft Onyx Marble. My problem is that while I stored these stones in
zip bags, I have recently noticed that they look like they’ve got
dried out cracks and the rounded corners appear dry looking and
almost as if they’d been chipped. They’re only a couple of months
old. What can cause this?

I need help! How can get these back to looking the way they looked
when I bought them and how can I use them in finished pieces? What do
I tell my customers about how to care for them and is there a
something I can do to prevent this so it doesn’t happen again?