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Appraising corundum revisited

the reason for my pursuit of this topic is that i’m considering a
career in appraising but i still haven’t found the answers i need
regarding separation of beryllium diffused corundum from “normal”,
thermally-enhanced stones.

one test mentioned here is the use of magnetism–could you tell me
if this is also effective for colors besides yellow? can it be
applied to mounted goods or just loose?

regarding melee: there seems to be a common view that it’s not
important if melee have been beryllium diffused because melee are
"…$1/per stone…" and “…only worth the cost of cutting…” and
therefore it doesn’t matter whether they can be separated or not. i
don’t understand this opinion; the last time i bought fine ruby and
sapphire melee in bangkok it cost a lot more than $1/per stone.

regarding inclusions: it’s been stated on this list that inclusions
can be diagnostic of beryllium diffusion. i’d like to hear a
description of these inclusions. how do they differ from inclusions
typical of thermal-enhancement?


best wishes,


There is an amazing course taught at the AGTA gem labs with one of
the foremost authorities on corundum in the world. Go to their
website and sign up for the course. It’s the best thing you can do.
Practical hands on experience with this is the only way you are
truly going to learn what you are looking for.

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