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Appraiser Liability


Appraising should be taken very seriously as several members here
have suggested. Unfortunately there seems to be some misconceptions
regarding appraisals and the degrees of liability involved.

I would strongly suggest that any of you that are interested in the
dynamic changes going on in the jewelry industry keep informed by
joining a professional appraising network where fact can be
separated from fiction by some of the leaders in the jewelry
industry. You do not have to be an appraiser to join just
a quest for additional legal & scientific knowledge generally not
covered in other forums.

One of the in depth articles discussed recently is the platinum
issue. One of the members has been instrumental in delving into the
problems of what can be marked as platinum now being reviewed by the
FTC. Incidentally the FTC has extended their deadline until Oct 12th
for comments. This is a direct result of the Appraisal Group
requesting an extension on behalf of jewelers who may have received
the late in the trade journals and/or because of the
recent hurricanes. There will be at least one more announcement
before the end of the year from the appraisal group that will have
worldwide significance.

The cost is about $100 a year or a lifetime membership for about
$600. If you are interested in expanding your professional jewelry
and legal knowledge you can contact the following:

Scott Lewis
Member AIN-AIS --member only-no financial interest