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Applying the emanel in 80 mesh

Could you please tell me how to apply the emanel in 80 mesh onto the
metal. Do you just put the powder into the grove you want emaneled?
Do you first make a paste with the powder emanel? How hot and for
how long do you put the piece in the furnace? It would be very
helpful if you answer my questions or give me a general idea.

Thank you very much,
Marti’s, S.A.
Pablo J Suneson

Pablo, Might I ask how you came by your enamels and what you are
trying to do w/ what you have? The way you have worded your
questions it sounds almost like you stumbled across a random jar of
enamels and decided to take it out for a spin. Have you worked w/
enamels at all? What type of jewelry do you do? Have you done any
research or reading on enamels? Your questions have a large number of
variables. Size of piece, type of enamel, what effect you are
looking for, what metal you are working w/, along w/ several other
questions. There are a number of resources on the web for enameling
including the archives from ganoskin. I would suggest you review
the archives from this list, and do some web searches for enamel.
Also, if you have any access to enameling books to borrow or even
purchase I would recommend you glance at them.

If you wish to answer some of the above questions, it will help
considerably in providing you w/ what you need to do what you want.