Applying Keumboo to steel or iron?

I know how to use Keumbook with Sterling, but would like to experiment with either stell of iron. I do not know what the procedure would be.

When gold or silver foil is mechanically applied to steel or iron it is called damascening. It is done by first using a chisel to cut tiny teeth into the substrate and then hammering the foil into the roughened surface. There’s a good explanation in Untracht’s Metal Techniques for Craftsmen.
Here’s video of a Spanish craftsman damascening a plate.

And here of someone applying a small square of gold foil using the Japanese technique.

You’ll note the differences in the type of chisel and technique.

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Thank you, Mr. Nesterman. I appreciate this information.

Is there no way, however, of the molecular bonding of gold to steel or iron as one does with pure silver?

Bette Barnett has made a career of teaching this. Studio Migoto is her link to classes and information. You may find links to classes and information from Tonya Davidson on the fb page “Adventures in steel and fused gold”. There are papers in the Santa Fe Symposium discussing the techniques - free downloads. The earliest one is from Chris Nelson, now deceased.