Applying Fine Silver to gold

Any tips on afixing fine silver to Gold? I want to make
pins-approximately 2X3 inches of 18K Gold…on which I solder smaller
pieces of the fine silver. Can fine silver be soldered or only fused? Thanks-Polly

Hey Polly, Fine silver solders just as easily as Sterling to Gold, I
use Medium or easy 18 kt. solder. I find soldering a bit more of a
controlled process than fusing, which is why I do chose soldering.
Hope this helps, Helene

My understanding is that gold and silver do not fuse together well.
However, a thin layer of copper in between will help.

Michael and Heidi

Hi Polly, You can use silver solder. It comes in hard, medium and
easy. They all work. If the pieces of silver are pierced from a plate,
flow solder all over the back of the plate before you pierce the item
out. This way, you get an even coating of solder just where you want it. Have fun. Tom Arnold