Apple Coral

While we’re on this topic, can anyone tell me what "apple coral"
is and where it comes from ? I’ve got some apple coral beads
that I find quite lovely. Thanks in advance.

Judy Bjorkman

Don, I bought some strands of both round and ‘branch’ Apple Coral
recently at a local show. It was way cheap for coral so I assumed it
had really been tampered with. But it had a look that some of my
customers will really go for so I took a chance with it. When I
checked with the customer in question and warned her it was resin
impregnated, she said that was fine if the resin made it look better
or last longer!

The rounds look fairly ordinary but the branches I got showed
definite, honey-colored resin to the point that there are actual
drips of pure resin showing. They are also definitely cut from larger
coral pieces, but many show a ‘node’ effect that is rather
attractive. They are sort of like a stubby sea urchin spine in shape.
I haven’t tested it yet for colorfastness, so haven’t offered any for
sale. Would you like me to mail you a piece of the branch style to
destroy…um, evaluate and tell us all about your findings?

Donna in Dallas

Donna, It would be great if you could send me a small piece of a
branch. I will do some testing on it and also attempt to match it to
known coral. If you can, include a node or two as that will give me
some clues what to look for. I’ll destroy it if I can!!

My snail mail address is:

Donald C. Dietz
4923 NW 66th Ave
Lauderhill, FL 33319

Dear Orchid People: A few weeks ago we were talking about apple
coral, and granulation, and I posted my webpage address and invited
you all to look at my work. Much to my chagrin, I discovered that
the link wasn’t working. It really was a total mess. Well, I
finally have gotten it to function and would like to post it again
in case you are interested in taking a look at it. The link is

Any observations or comments would be very welcome. Sincerely