Apple Coral (also gold and silver granulation)

Donna–I have a piece of coral that I was told is ‘apple coral.’ It
is set in a piece of jewelry on my non-insect web page. Just go to, scroll to links at bottom, and click on
elegant insects non-insect jewelry. I’d love to know if it is the
same thing as you have. so I can identify it correctly.


There has also been a lot of discussion about granulation lately. I
just put some new pieces on my Gold Granulation and Silver
Granulation pages. You can get to them the same way–by going to
the above address, and clicking on the link at the bottom of the

Please let me know if you run into any trouble connecting with the
pages. I’ve just spent about two weeks trying to untangle a great
big mess and I think it is all straightened out now. I would also
love to hear from you if you have any comment about anything on the
pages. Thanks!

Sincerely Sandra (