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Appeal for non-profit group of women in Mexico

This is an appeal, not for me, but for a worthy group of women in
Mexico who are learning to make jewelry and lifting themselves and
their families out of poverty. Their alternative is to work long
hours for low pay in unskilled agriculture jobs. Laura Brito (a
sometimes poster on Orchid), is a US ex-pat who is teaching these
ladies in a small community workshop that she built, and has
dedicated herself to this endeavor.

Her workshop has some tools (thanks in part to the generosity of
Richard Hart), but is growing and is still in need. Shipping to
Mexico is expensive, but I am going to visit her at the end of May
and hope to pack my suitcases with donated tools for the workshop.

I’m sure that many of you are like me and have some extra tools
laying around. If they are in working condition, we would be
immensely grateful if you would mail them to me so I can deliver
them to her. If you are located in the Phoenix area, I would be
happy to pick them up.

The workshop is in need of many different hand tools, and almost
anything would be appreciated. However, they are specifically in
need of:

Quality hammers, planishing, chasing, etc. (they only have hardware
store variety), Quality pliers and cutters, Forming tools, stakes,
mandrels etc., Full size files, Bezel tools, Flexshaft, burs and
accessories, Small practice stones for setting (cabs and faceted) 4-8
mm, Used working laptop (hopefully with wi-fi), Books on making
jewelry (books with pictures are helpful with the language
difference), Of course, cash donations and silver or gold scrap are
always welcome!! LOL

If you have any questions, I can be reached at [jamieweb at
kingdirectemail dot com] and Laura can be reached at [beadaholic at]

Tools can be mailed to (USPS preferred because they won’t leave if
it’s raining):

Jamie King
7314 E Brisa Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85266

I know that this group is generous and I thank you very much in


Hi Jamie,

What a great way to give back. Although I don’t have spare tools, I
would like to contribute. What is the name of the school (for
purposes of filling out the check)?

BTW, I always look forward to your warm and freindly advice on this

Best, LoriA

This is an appeal, not for me, but for a worthy group of women in
Mexico who are learning to make jewelry and lifting themselves and
their families out of poverty. 

I want to thank the Orchid members to responded for my original
appeal for used tools. I’m tardy in my thanks, but that doesn’t
diminish how much I appreciate the goodies that were sent. Bless

I just returned from visiting Laura and her girls outside Amacuzac,

You should know that they have a very tidy and hard working workshop
with 8 girls and Pedro, their handyman and all around go-to fella.
They have been able to do a lot without many resources, and Laura
has definitely had a calling for this.

I recently put together a website for them and you should check it
out (it’s still rough, but it’s my first attempt). Right now, their
biggest sellers are metal shapes and blanks in copper, brass, nickel
silver, gunmetal, etc. and may be of interest to some Orchid

Their next big goal is to purchase a used VW bug because they are
starting to have more shipments (they have to drive 1/2 hour to a
post office) and supplier pickups. You know how it is when you start
to grow and your working capital is stretched. If any of you are so
inclined, you can purchase a share of the VW for the workshop for
only $25. Go to

Again, thanks so much for your help,


How about repeat of the Women’s website address. It’s GREAT! And
indeed Laura is dedicated and hard working. We emailed back and forth
Friday nite until 8pm, just to establish a future order. They have
stampings NO ONE else will do.

Shipping and payment is not a problem. Nor is it expensive. And they
listen to you!. Thanks for passing the word.

Cathe So happy you found Laura helpful. As requested, the website is

Have ordered from Laura in Mexico. Very pleased with copper blanks.
Laura answers emails immediately, if not sooner.I have traveled to
many parts of Mexico for over 40 years and have a deep love for the
country and its wonderful people. What Laura is doing is a real gift
and I am hoping that many Orchid readers will support her efforts.
Jamie King set up her website and you can access it at:

Don’t forget the VW van they are trying to buy. Donate to this cause.
You can do that through the website. Click on “How Can You Help” at
the top of the home page. Pat…Seven miles from the Mexican
Border where it’s hot and humid and I love to call it home.