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Apparently unusual etching needed

I’m hoping some of you may know of a place that can do etching for

I do some designs on a computer, so a place that can etch from files-
Illustrator would be great- would be ideal. Since some of these will
be masters for cast copies, I don’t care too much about the material
etched, but do need both precision and a reasonable depth, so the
cast copies can be patinated and then polished, leaving the incised
bits dark. I’d be hoping to have it done on 14-16 ga metal.

I live in Massachusetts but don’t need this done locally. The
electronics places I’ve contacted haven’t wanted to deal with jewelry
designs, and the one etcher who was comfortable with jewelry didn’t
want to work with a deep etch. I am aware there are trade-offs
between depth and precision, and am hoping to find someone who either
already knows or who is willing to work with me to get the best

Any help appreciated!

Amanda Fisher Pixelations, Inc.
My portfolio:
Interactive Ogham oracle:

Amanda, I visited this etching place long ago. They are in Providence
and work on all kinds of jewelry etching. I couldn’t paste in the
address, but found the info on the web. Scroll all the way down and the
address is there.

Good luck.


Hi Amanda; I have that done for me at a company in Michigan called
"Geelhood". Very reasonable charges and quick turnaround. They’ll
send you the image on a piece of zinc plate, the kind used in
industrial printing. Simply cut out the area you want, super glue it
to a sprue, and you can vulcanize it or use RTV mold compounds.

Here’s Geelhood Co.'s address and phone no.

25613 W 7 Mile Rd Redford, MI 48240 (313) 535-6606

David L. Huffman

Call Greg Krueger (the son half of the father and son owners) at:

Acu-Line Corporation 462 North 35th St. Seattle, Washington 98103 (206)

They do a lot of work from computer files, and though they do much
electronics work, they also do work for local jewelers. Greg would
definitely have the knowledge and experience to help you “get the
best balance between depth and precision.” Tell him that someone who
toured his facility during the Seattle Metals Guild Production Day
recommended him to you.

Julia in, once again, cloudy Seattle