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App for Silver pricing

I have an android phone and I am trying to find a GOOD FREE app to
convert the weight of my silver into market price. I weight a pair
of silver earring in grams then had to hunt for an hour for a
conversion chart to find current market value so I could price them.
An app for my phone would be good so I can do it at shows if I need
to. My teacher has one but it is only for I phones. Found a few but
the reviews where mediocre and several cost money. I guess if they
are good I would not mind paying but I don not want to pay then
realize it’s complicated or not do what I need.

Any suggestions?
Jane A Wilhelm

Use your phone’s calculator and a precious metal spot price widget
(Kitco has one).

weight in grams / 31.1 * spot price of metal = metal cost @ spot


I have the Silver Tracker app on my iPad (it’s also good for
iPhone). It always shows the current market silver price. The
developer is Red Hot Bits.