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Aoki enamel source


I need to find an enamel color, Aoki 105A. I tried to post this
previously, but somehow it never showed up in the Digest. Anyone out
there in Orchidland have some of this color they would be willing to
part with? E-mail me directly. Thanks.

Linda Kaye-Moses

Hello Again,

In researching Aoki enamels, I was told that in the UK it was sold
under the name Kujaku. So if you enamelers in the UK have any 105-B
sold by that name, and want to sell it, do let me know.

Linda Kaye-Moses

Ooops, really meant, I need this enamel: Aoki 105-B.

Anyone out there have any of this enamel color they want to sell?

Linda Kaye-Moses


Aoki Enamels went out of business in 2006, so any old stock you may
discover will have at least ten years under its belt.

Here’s a list of the remaining enamel manufacturers in the same
prefecture, who may still make a product that matches/competes:

Mark Bingham
Fourth Axis