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Anyone really good with overlay?

Hi Diana, I’m sorry that I have no advice to offer but I really want
to thank Alan and Noel for their advice. I’ve recently been trying
to solder some copper “stems” onto the back of some copper “leaves"
for a pendant I’ve been working on. Kindly put, it has been kicking
my butt. I finally got them put together with what I feel are less
than aesthetically perfect joins but they are functional and in a
place that won’t be regularly seen so I let them stand. The advice I
found here offers hope that, with practice- lots of practice, I will
get better. My main problems were too much solder on tiny joints and
too much flux. I couldn’t see when the solder had taken. These were
tiny joins, maybe 1/16”. Well, Diana, I promise I’ll keep trying if
you will. We’ll get it figured out. Mike

Hi, Michael (Honeycutt),

It’s nice of you to comment that you found Alan’s and my posting
helpful, and to offer moral support. As a reward ;>) here’s another
tip that may help with projects such as the leaf and stem one.

I find it very useful sometimes to superglue the parts together just
as I want them, then set them up to solder. You can pack “extra
hands” ( a papier mache-like material for holding parts during heat
work), sand, or other holding material while the tiny pieces are one
unit. If you do it right, when you remove the glue with the first
touch of the torch, everything will stay put. Paste solder may also
make the job you describe easier, though I’ve had trouble
determining exactly how much of it a job will take.

Good luck! Noel