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Anyone know about Boston Mills?

I hope this gets out quickly…it frequently takes my posts 48
hours to come back to me through Orchid! I’m thinking it’s
something on my end though.

Anyone have any advice to offer on Boston Mills?

1st Wknd or 2nd preferred?

Good Show, Bad show, too crafty?

I hope others post similar questions I would love to hear “real
life” info about the shows other than the books, and would be
glad to answer.


Got to shovel for the 1st time today!

I live within 15 minutes of Boston Mills and have attended at
least one of the weekend shows for the last 15 years.

1st Wknd or 2nd preferred?

The second weekend has been consistently better than the first
(in the opinion of many of those who live in the area and
attend.) Although, this year, since I attended both weekends I
preferred the first weekend. Why? Because I actually bought
something!!! I have to confess . . . I bought JEWELRY from
another jewelry maker!!! I spent over $400.00 for two pieces.
Good Show, Bad show, too crafty?

Too crafty??? If you mean, “country” craft items, then my
answer is "I have yet to see anything I would consider “country
craft” . " If you mean, pottery, wooden items (pens, cutting
boards, salad utensils, bowls, clocks, woven clothing items,
painted silk wearables, etc.), blown or lamped glass pieces,
stained glass, photography, hand-worked leather, wrought iron
which is whimsically painted, rather than paintings (water color,
acrylic or oil, or multi-media) then yes, I would have to say it
is “crafty.” Of course, any jewelry, either hand forged or cast,
would have to fall into the category of “crafty.” There are
many jewelry stands. Most of the jewelry offered is overpriced
and appears year, after year, after year, without change. I
still see the same earrings exhibited after buying a pair about
12 years ago.

Good or Bad show?

The weather was a huge factor this year, there were raging
thunderstorms with heavy winds and very heavy rain. In the past,
the weather has been hot and humid. This show is held on the
grounds of the local (snow) skiing lodge. There are huge tents
which house the exhibitors (I think there are three large tents
total) and an area where 10 X 10 tents are put in three rows
(one single row facing back to back rows.) The single tents are
near the food and music (live). If it is HOT then the best
place to be is outdoors in the single tents. There is very
little air movement in the huge tents although the backs of the
tents are open. The only place there is any air-conditioning,
is inside the ski lodge, but there are no exhibitors in the
lodge. The “door prizes,” and award winning pieces are inside
the lodge.

Parking is not easy for the exhibitors nor for the general
public. The parking area is across the street from the lodge
(for general public) and next to the lodge for the exhibitors.

Did you see Sunshine Artist (I think it was the December or
January issue)??? There is a very interesting review of the show

    I hope others post similar questions I would love to hear
"real life" info about the shows other than the books, and
would be glad to answer. 

Have I ever exhibited at Boston Mills??? NO. Would I? I think
not, I think the fees are too high - I would be scared to death
that I wouldn’t sell a thing . . . someday I may gain enough
confidence to enter a show like Boston Mills.

I have heard that some exhibitors have had very bad sales, while
others (brightly dyed T-Shirts, leggings, socks, Sweatshirts)
have sold out the first day of a weekend. The dyed clothing was
very unusual and had never been seen in this area. Even I bought
some of that and still get many compliments on it . These
items were very reasonably priced.