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Anyone heard of

I received an email from someone representing “BulkWorks”
(, a wholesale marketing service which says it
supplies such stores as Nieman Marcus, Spiegel, etc., etc.

This seems similar to, but they don’t allow any
in depth exploration of their website or their services without
registering and paying them US$280. I’m wondering if anyone else has
had contact with these folks, and if yes, what was your experience?

Dianne Karg
Toronto, Ontario

Dianne, I received the same email from them yesterday and had the
same experience. I wanted to look at what kind of work they were
showing and couldn’t without paying the $280 to register as a seller.
I have just sent them registration as a buyer. They did
not ask for the $280 sellers registration fee. They say that they will
contact me once they verify my

I tend to be suspicious of any organization that promotes itself this
way but I am curious enough to pursue it a little further. I will keep
you posted.

Joel Schwalb

** Hanuman’s Note **

Carefull guys; Marketplaces sites tends to fail as they have more
sellers than buyers. Take Gemkey for example, total fail. consider
carefully before joining any Marketplace site, especially if they
charge for becoming a member. hanuman