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Anyone have a good source for Alexandrite

Peter, Have you considered using lab grown alexandrite. I have used
some from Chatham. It is available in a large variety of sizes and
shapes. It’s quite beautiful and the price is right.

Yup. I tried to talk the guy into it, actually, as it better fits
his budget. But the lab grown tends to be the lighter hues, and he’s
looking for darker material if he can get it, and despite my sales
pitch, he won’t even consider anything but natural. thanks for the
thought, though.


Dear Peter, Henelie in NYC has beautiful stones. I’m sorry I don’t
have a number or address. I saw a 3+ carat very dark natural when I
was visiting my former boss in VT last week. Stunning and pricey.
Hope this helps, so the info is so paltry. Genevieve

For Alexandrite and other quality stones try: Boston Gems and
Findings (800)225-2436 333 Washington Street Boston, MA 02108
742-9402 They have beautiful stones and are delightful to work with. I
have no affiliation other than being a long time very satisfied
customer. HTH -Kate Wolf in Portland Maine- where Blaine Lewis is
dazzling us this week with his Advanced Stone Setting Workshop