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Anyone good with overlay?

The sweat soldering technique is made very easy by using powder
solder. Simply get your parts ready and make sure that they match
and are carefully fit together. On the smaller piece, place the
piece bottom side up and apply paste flux. Coat the piece
completely with the paste flux. I like Handy Flux as that one stands
up for a long time, other paste fluxes will work as well so you can
use one you have on hand. Place the coated metal piece on a piece
of clean paper, flux side up. With a small mesh strainer, as is
used in enameling, carefully sift an even layer of the powder over
the flux. This does not have to be a heavy coating, just basically
even. It will be very forgiving when melted, so you need not be
concerned if it is not perfect. Once melted and fully coated, pick
up the piece very carefully and place on soldering surface such as
charcoal or fire brick, solder side up. Apply heat and watch solder
flow. When ready to place on other part, simply put a small amount
of paste flux between the layers, put solder side down and apply
heat. The solder will flow again making a very good bond. Powder
solder is available in all temperature melts. Powder solder makes
the sweat solder project easy as an even coat of solder is easy to
obtain. Beth Katz